April 25, 2019 12:13 pm


This is the freebie for the month of May and it’s a doozy!  Ever wanted to add that vintage, 90’s grunge to your Instagram photos?  With this Photoshop filter, you can edit the pictures on your computer to grunge perfection.


This filter pack contains four different light leak effects that are easily changeable to suit your needs.  The grain effect is also included, and can also be turned off, reduced, or made more obvious.

This one file contains all of the different light leaks which means choosing between them will be as simple as clicking the hide/display group button in Photoshop.  These effects use elements found in Photoshop CS5 and may not work as intended in lower versions.  This pack is completely free for the month of May and comes already Instagram sized for all of your future uploads.

April 25, 2019