⁠Today I worked on creating beautiful post comments. The comment section is typically one I leave well alone, but for Haze it’s been revamped into something stunning. I look forward to sharing it with you. This is a screenshot from the front page just like yesterday’s. If you want to know when this theme is released follow me on Instagram! You’ll get the latest and greatest updates that way.
July 12, 2019

Since the release of Brave, I’ve had a creative block. To help get through this block, I’ve been working on a personal blog/project. The excitement of putting something new together has been exhilarating, but I think new beginnings in a way always are. To have somewhere to talk about things in a more personal nature has me excited.  Visit Bellechime! Bellechime is a delightfully witchy place for the goddess and views into demonolatry.

⁠❤ Having a website for this project is important, because it means I get full control. I can’t “shadow ban” myself after all. If there’s anything I’ve learned, it’s that social media is tricky, and you absolutely need your own web space if you want to have a lasting presence. I’m not talking about free hosting either. Because even on free hosting you don’t get full control. I see so many delightful witchy women and alt babes on Blogger, and it breaks my heart. I hope to someday soon help get more people off Blogger and on to their own hosts. 🙂 (Yes that’s a hint of something fun in the works!)⁠

via Instagram


Brave is the first Dixon Sheppard theme to be built using the Elementor page builder, and I couldn’t be more excited. Here are the reasons I switched.


I was previously hand coding everything and providing widgets upon widgets of options that even I started to get confused by all of them. Elementor is faster for both creating themes, coding them, but also for you the user and for your visitors. With Elementor I am using less code, everywhere which speeds up your site. Additionally, fixes are faster and easier and new themes will be coming out much faster!


Elementor makes updating your theme and making it truly yours much easier. I am also able to provide my themes more options. Brave for instance offers two different home page settings and two different blog post types. Future themes are currently planned to have more. Additionally, you can literally drag and drop boxes and change colors all on a whim inside the Elementor edit options. Want something to be purple? Make it purple.


I have always worked to make Dixon Sheppard themes be mobile ready. This is because increasingly websites are being accessed on phones and tablets. To not code for a mobile world is to be behind on the times. Elementor gives me the option to design each page with a unique layout for phones, tablets, and computers. This means no matter what device your visitor is on, your website looks stunning.

Lastly…it’s free!

That’s right, Elementor is free! You don’t have to go buy some fancy framework that costs JUST as much as the theme you fell in love with in order to have the site of your dreams. Every feature I use in Brave is FREE. So much power in a free package.

Hopefully this shift to Elementor makes sense now. It’s simply too useful and powerful to not use especially with it being free. Yes, this means you’ll have to install the Elementor mod to use my Brave (and future themes), but I’ve included that in the download.

May 24, 2019


It’s nearly May! With May comes warmer months, summer time hopes, and changing up the ‘gram. I’ve made, for free, a photo filter that works in Photoshop that adds light leaks and grain to your images to give them of a more grunge look. If you wanted pastel perfection, you wouldn’t be here. I’ve included multiple examples of each of the four different light leaks below. Everything is changeable, including the grain. Enjoy!

April 25, 2019


It’s that time of the year again – where logical, somewhat rebellious Aquarius gives way to creative and dreamy Pisces. This transition can be somewhat jarring for many. We basically go from 0 to 100 on the feelings scale! How to handle Pisces season should on the top of your agenda, and it’s time for another page from my business grimoire.

Pisces encourages people to open up, be vulnerable, and explore all possibilities while serving as a gentle reminder that not all puzzles need to be solved. Tapping into your exploratory side to unleash creative energy that makes use of your vulnerable nature will be key.

useful pieces season tasks

1) get to know your audience and let them get to know you

There’s a difference between oversharing and opening up. Pisces season may encourage you to overshare. Remember to temper personal information with common sense. Some things you’ll wish you never shared! All that said this is a very good time to open up a little bit in both directions. Ask your audience questions, post thought provoking blog posts, and post pictures showing more vulnerable parts of your life. (Maybe your desk is total chaos despite the fact you’re the type of person to have all it “all together”?) Remove your mask of perfection, and say hi.

2) is there an idea you want to pursue further?

Generally speaking, Pisces season isn’t a great time to implement big, bold changes to your work model or blog. This doesn’t mean you can’t explore big, bold ideas. Creativity and ingenuity is at a high in Pisces season. Research fun ideas thoroughly and use the time to prepare for possible implementation later. All options will be more obvious to you during this time.

3) what needs to be let go?

Pisces is the last sign of the zodiac and as such is a sign of letting go. It is a sign of endings and transitions and Pisces is fit for that task by being a highly adaptable and flexible sign unlike it’s predecessor Aquarius. This is a valuable time to get rid of things that don’t help you or your business or things that don’t make you happy.

Pisces season lasts until March 20th. Make the most of it!

February 27, 2019