Let's Get to Know Each other

My name is Bee (Dixon Sheppard).  I am a blogger from Ilinois. In the summer of 2019, I noticed that I was not living my life in line with my values.  I was spending more money than I earned, had more items I never used than items I used, eating unhealthily, and eating meat despite a strong belief that meat is bad.  I wanted to get back to the basics. I started making capsule wardrobes, cutting out meat and other animal products, and become more invested in understanding the world and my place in it.   

I started this blog to help others and to hold myself accountable.  I refused to let excess continue to rule my life, and I wanted others to feel like they could stop the cycle too.  

Life is a journey towards happiness.  This is mine. Join me as I make life more simple and more beautiful.

About Me, Personally

I am an aspiring doctor who has both a bachelor’s and masters in history.  I specialized in East Asian history with an emphasizes on modern Korean history.  I am a demonolatry follower.   After multiple family deaths in quick succession, and the retail therapy and excessive eating I took part in to deal with it, I received more bad news.  It was discovered that I had multiple health problems that came from my laisez-faire attitude regarding my food choices. Receiving the news that I was a “heart attack waiting to happen” forced me to take a long, hard look at my life and my choices. (I was only 29!)  Upon evaluation, I realized I wasn’t happy! I was overwhelmed with clutter, and I felt like I was drowning in mess and bad food choices. I had felt trapped for months, and I had finally gotten my wake up call that it was time to un-trap myself. Ultimately, I realized, that I am in charge of my own betterment, so I took the first step.  

These days I spend my day studying the human body, editing photos, and learning how to cook vegan food.  I love playing video games, binging on Hulu, and browsing Instagram and Pinterest for fun new things to DIY.  At any given time, I probably have the Rocko’s Modern Life Recycle Song stuck in my head. 

Fun fact:  I laugh like Marge Simpson. 

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