Chickens? Chickens! Let’s Get Chickens.

Freedom! I have had to work extra hours the last couple weeks which has made posting harder, but luckily, my brain never turns off.

In this time I started making plans for spring. I’m going to start raising chickens! I don’t plan on raising them for slaughter but more for enjoyment and potentially the eggs. I am hoping to get my hands on Ayam Cemani eggs to hatch and raise. I’ve been doing lots and lots of research, and I am super excited. The chickens themselves are smaller and the eggs they lay are smaller. I am beyond the moon happy. My cynicism does come into play though. I watched Super Size Me 2 about chicken farming and the food industry tricks used to make food seem more healthy than it really is. I remember how easy it is to market chickens as free-range. It makes me want to make sure I actually do well by them.

The place I am going to purchase from, however, requires that I know information about the breed, so I am confident that I picked a good place.

I have been obsessed with Ayam Cemani chickens since I learned of their existence a year or so ago. They are black all the way through. They have black feathers, black meat, and black bone marrow. It’s even said that their blood runs a little bit darker than that of the normal chicken. This is because of Fibro Melanism. It makes them hyperpigmented. The eggs, however, are not black at all. They are a white cream color.

On top of getting the chickens, I will also need to get a coop and coyote repellant. Predators got to my mother’s last batch, and I would be absolutely devasted if that happened to my own. Apparently mothballs help? However, I am also going to do lots more research into humanely keeping predators away from the chickens. Harm is not the name of the game!

More chicken updates are coming soon! 🙂

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