How I Practice Self-Love + Smoke Cleansing

I don’t know why I’m doing this, but I am doing this. I guess this is partially because too many women are nervous about sex…or too much false information gets thrown around. I literally read one woman saying yeast infections come from believing yourself to be a victim and victimhood. Crazy. I’m all for new age stuff, but let’s not neglect science. That said – this is mostly new age stuff.

I’ve been thinking long and hard about how to love my body. There are many things I don’t like about it. For example, I feel like the only freak in the world with stretch marks on their belly sometimes (I know this isn’t true). Other times, I feel like a weirdo because my health problems mean all my weight goes to the belly first, and I wonder how anyone can find that attractive, but here I am. Making peace with all of this took time.

I had to look to Lilith to find more peace with my sexual nature, but I know sex demons/goddesses aren’t for everyone. I also cast affirmations that are as easy as burning sage or palo santo wood while masturbating and telling yourself sex is for your pleasure, or even looking into a mirror and saying “hello beautiful.” Here’s the super new-age part: you have to honor your feminine. You have to feel everything and then make peace with it. Walk around naked, masturbate in front of someone (WITH CONSENT) so that they can take in the beauty of your orgasm, or worship your body. You really only get one. I’m including below something I do when I’m feeling the need to worship my body.

Self Love Smoke Cleansing

  • Sage of your choice (blue is good)
  • Rose petals
  • Hot shower 
  • An open window

I love doing self-love smoke cleansing when I’m in the shower. You’re cleaning the space and your body. It’s like washing away all the bad feelings you have about it. I also get the see the water run down my breasts which always makes me feel good about my body. Now for the sage and rose petals, you’re gonna want to put them into something that won’t melt or catch on fire. And open the window. You’re gonna be burning the ingredients. I have a little metal cauldron for this. It needs to be deep enough to hold the initial fire until it dies down, and all you have is smoke. That said, be careful, you are playing with fire. Keep things that burn away from your smoke bowl. Maybe keep the pets out of the bathroom too. Always watch the flame, and do not shower until it’s gone. Once the flame has died down, hop in the shower and allow the smell of the smoke to permeate the room and just take it in.

If it helps bring rose quartz into the shower with you to help you focus. Wash up and love thyself!

I am not responsible for anything that happens. Just saying.

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