Am I a Witch?

I suppose a fitting follow up to deciding if you’re a good or bad witch is to decide if you’re a witch at all.

Am I A Witch?

This is a common question for ladies and gents and everyone in between and outside.  Am I a witch? The simplest way to answer this question is to simply answer the question.  Do you think you are a witch? Do you want to be a witch? Do you want to practice witchcraft?  If you answered yes to any of those questions, congrats you are a witch. 


Being a witch is a practice, an art.  It’s not something you necessarily are but something you do.  The first step is admitting “I am a witch; I want to be a witch” the second step is to practice.  That’s really all there is to it. Still, baby witches all over the world get lost, confused, and scared.  A frantic appeal to Google to either confirm or deny their witchiness (I feel and see you witches in a religion that actively condemns magic, but feeling like something is off) and baby witches or baby would-be witches are left with more questions.  (You have all the strength I can muster up baby witches in magic condemning communities.)

So, breathe.


Are you a witch?  That’s completely up to you.  You’re not cursed with it.  Some are born into families of witches and get raised into it.  If that’s not you, that’s okay. They aren’t special or more powerful or whatever.  They’re simply more practiced than you. You don’t have to be a hereditary witch to be taken seriously.  You don’t have to buy out the crystal shop, burn sage, dress or act a certain way, or believe a certain thing.  Witchiness is a practice.  It is a craft.  It’s right in the name.


Sometimes answering the witch question is confusing because Wicca (a religion that can but not always include witchcraft), is quite possibly the largest and most well known neo-pagan path right now.  The ideas of witchcraft have sometimes been conflated with the religious ideas of Wicca. You don’t have to be Wiccan to be a witch. Witchcraft is not a religion. However, simply because you practice witchcraft does not make you Wiccan.  Wiccans have a set system of beliefs. It is one of many paths. You’ll find flexibility in the Wiccan path, but at the end of the day, there are values to the religion that must be acknowledged in order to be a Wiccan.


A path is a road you travel to get to your understanding and growth.  There are many ways to practice witchcraft. You can be a green witch, a shadow witch, work with all the deities, or work with none of the deities.  Your idea of deities can also differ radically from someone else’s. A goddess you consider a demon could be some other witch’s patron goddess. With all this mix and match and confusion it can be hard to even start on finding your path. 

I understand the need to have a label simply, so you can have somewhere to start. Not a label so that you can box yourself but so that you can grow in a direction and start exploring. Finding this path, or label is hard. Reflect on yourself.  What interests you? My interest in dandelions led me to start with green witchery. I know many of the best ways to help clear up your skin and to get rid of nausea because of it now. But it’s not the only thing I did with myself. For example, it translated very well to kitchen witchery.  Do you like technology? Technowitch it up! Interested in sex magick? Hop on it. Love the stars? Use them you cosmo witch you. Once you’ve chosen a starting point, research it.

Be careful, however, don’t take from cultures that aren’t yours. If the religion or culture is closed or has said “hey, we really don’t like it when people from outside our group do this” then don’t steal it unless you’re actively part of that group.  For example, I don’t smudge, and I certainly don’t smudge with white sage.  

With all things, the best results come from continual practice.  Keep learning, keep growing, and keep going.  Reach out to other witches, ask questions.  Most of all – be safe.  

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