Creative Block = Bellechime

Since the release of Brave, I’ve had a creative block. To help get through this block, I’ve been working on a personal blog/project. The excitement of putting something new together has been exhilarating, but I think new beginnings in a way always are. To have somewhere to talk about things in a more personal nature has me excited.  Visit Bellechime! Bellechime is a delightfully witchy place for the goddess and views into demonolatry.

⁠❤ Having a website for this project is important, because it means I get full control. I can’t “shadow ban” myself after all. If there’s anything I’ve learned, it’s that social media is tricky, and you absolutely need your own web space if you want to have a lasting presence. I’m not talking about free hosting either. Because even on free hosting you don’t get full control. I see so many delightful witchy women and alt babes on Blogger, and it breaks my heart. I hope to someday soon help get more people off Blogger and on to their own hosts. 🙂 (Yes that’s a hint of something fun in the works!)⁠

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