why I switched to elementor for Brave

Brave is the first Dixon Sheppard theme to be built using the Elementor page builder, and I couldn’t be more excited. Here are the reasons I switched.


I was previously hand coding everything and providing widgets upon widgets of options that even I started to get confused by all of them. Elementor is faster for both creating themes, coding them, but also for you the user and for your visitors. With Elementor I am using less code, everywhere which speeds up your site. Additionally, fixes are faster and easier and new themes will be coming out much faster!


Elementor makes updating your theme and making it truly yours much easier. I am also able to provide my themes more options. Brave for instance offers two different home page settings and two different blog post types. Future themes are currently planned to have more. Additionally, you can literally drag and drop boxes and change colors all on a whim inside the Elementor edit options. Want something to be purple? Make it purple.


I have always worked to make Dixon Sheppard themes be mobile ready. This is because increasingly websites are being accessed on phones and tablets. To not code for a mobile world is to be behind on the times. Elementor gives me the option to design each page with a unique layout for phones, tablets, and computers. This means no matter what device your visitor is on, your website looks stunning.

Lastly…it’s free!

That’s right, Elementor is free! You don’t have to go buy some fancy framework that costs JUST as much as the theme you fell in love with in order to have the site of your dreams. Every feature I use in Brave is FREE. So much power in a free package.

Hopefully this shift to Elementor makes sense now. It’s simply too useful and powerful to not use especially with it being free. Yes, this means you’ll have to install the Elementor mod to use my Brave (and future themes), but I’ve included that in the download.

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