6 ways to use the full moon in February

Ready to steal a page from my business grimoire?

Magical or not, the full moon is a great time to sit down and evaluate your business, goals, and accomplishments. 

This month the full moon falls on the 19th and is in the sign of Virgo, which means a lot of good things if you’re the type that’s trying to get organized!

The Virgo full moon holds many beneficial traits for businesses.  Virgo is a grounded, Earth sign which means it’s a little more practical than the floaty air sign of Aquarius that rules much of February.  You can use a Virgo moon to “create order out of chaos” due to the signs highly detailed, perfectionist, and analytical nature.  Let’s be honest, you’re probably already feeling the pull to clean up and organize your life (spring cleaning anyone?).  You can give some thanks the impending full moon in Virgo for those urges.  This full moon is a great time to get your life a little more organized and your ducks a little more in a row.

The sign Virgo is very detailed oriented and motivated towards improvement of the self and its surroundings.  Virgo’s traits make it a somewhat critical sign which means this is a good time to take a long, hard look at what is and isn’t working for your business.  Virgo encourages improvement while the full moon is ideal for casting off things that no longer serve you.  This month, the two go hand and hand. 

Six Easy Tasks to Do with a Virgo Full Moon

  • Did you cross your T’s and dot your I’s?  Now’s the time to go back through your blog posts and edit any mistakes you may find, and maybe even attempt updating your older posts to reflect more of what you know now.
  • Does your website load just right in all browsers?  With detail-oriented Virgo now’s the time to see if there are any small, but noticeable flaws.
  • Does your schedule work for you?  Are you taking care of both your business and self?  Virgo is a sign that loves self-improvement which means if you’re not putting in enough self-care, it’s here to help you establish new patterns to help you keep going and growing.
  • Does everything you’re doing for your business serve you?  Is it bringing you money, traffic, or happiness?  If the answer is no, it’s not working.  With the full moon being in Virgo establishing things that do and don’t fit into these perimeters will be easier.
  • Are you still learning?  Take the time out of your day to learn something new.  The urge will already be there.
  • How’s your work space?  Is it working for you?  Could it use some cleaning up?  Allow the full moon energy to motivate you into filing, organizing, and getting rid of clutter.

The full moon is all about celebrating your accomplishments, getting rid of what doesn’t work, and preparing for the work that lays ahead.  Establish your intentions for the month ahead on the full moon and get to work.

Ready to take action?

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