Get Ready for February!

Are you ready to make your monthly goals, plans, and magic for February? If you need a little push then allow me to present the February calendar with marked moon phases, sabbats, and a place for notes. After you get down with the calendar, move on over to the weekly block scheduler so that you can keep yourself on task during the week.

Why moon phases?

Because different moons help you channel different business magic. The new moon is a great time to set plans into action while the full moon is a time to reap your rewards, set new goals, reflect on the goals you’ve accomplished or failed. Following the moon, you’ll always be moving forward, staying on task, and working towards your greatest good.

weekly block schedule

Block scheduling is a total life and time saver. Never struggle again to know what you should be doing at anytime on a Thursday (or any other day). Using a block schedule, you explicitly state your goals for the day and you devote time to each of them. As an entrepreneur, block scheduling also helps work burn out and holds you accountable to both yourself and your clients.

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