What I want to do in 2019

What I am planning for 2019 in a nutshell.

If you follow my Instagram, you already know some of these plans, but in an effort to help other blogs and businesses I want to clearly outline what I think what my next steps should be.


I’m naturally really shy, so blogging and social media are difficult for me. I’m terrified of coming out of my shell or on the flip side oversharing.


I’ve recently started to open up more on Instagram, and I am seeing results. One of my most popular posts of 2018 was posted four days ago (12/28/18), and was personal in nature. I am finding that a mix of real life and business gets the best reaction.


Almost ALL of my of my top posts are branded in some way. Earlier this month, I made a conscious effort to make a photo filter that goes on nearly all Dixon Sheppard Instagram pictures. If you look at my photos, there are consistent elements. Every post has a splash of yellow, is black and white, or is completely yellow. It took a week or so to establish what I wanted my feed to look like, but once I went with my brand colors, it came naturally. I’m able to look at the last couple weeks of my feed and see cohesion and my numbers have gone up in response!

Theme Collections

This is an idea that shows up on a few other sites that I absolutely love. The idea of a limited edition, limited release theme collection is perfect for where I want to take Dixon Sheppard. I want my customer to feel unique and confident with a luxurious theme that shines and doesn’t feel restrictive. I take business role models from places like Blanc & Eclare where there are limited release products that are either limited in number, location, or style. I feel like it adds to the high class feel of the brand that I want to replicate.

naked collection

It’s official! The first collection will be titled “naked”. It will be a set that thrives on minimalism that lets your blog and shop shine.

Witch Stuff

Witchcraft and the pagan community is what inspired me to even start this business. As a result, I want to include more of it here on the blog and on social media.

book of the month – podcast?

Something I want to start is sharing my monthly reading related to various pagan ideas. Next months book is The Bible of the Adversary so that I can learn more about my spouses beliefs and interests. I’m not sure if I’ll record our discussions, but I’m thinking about it.



I am strongly considering posting shorter, more frequent posts instead of sporadic big ones like this. I’ve started adapting elements popular in microblogging like .gifs, but I’m still weighing the pros and cons.

see you in 2019!

This is my last 2018 post. See you next year.

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