A Re-Introduction

Hi, I'm Dixon Sheppard,

Welcome to my site.  What is it I do here?  I provide fun, fearless women with fashion inspired, luxurious WordPress themes.  

I created Dixon Sheppard to give support for the witches, rocker chicks, and strong women thirsting for something different than boxed, pastel pink themes.  One size no longer fits all.  Dixon Sheppard themes exist to provide a fierce, strong feminine presence that honors the divine feminine and the goddess – within and without.  You take pride in being a woman and succeeding as women and so does Dixon Sheppard.


Move forward with Confidence

Dixon Sheppard provides high class WordPress themes, photo filters (get your brand on point), and starting February 2019 theme collections.  Dixon Sheppard theme collections are unique in that it’s everything your business needs to succeed in a box.  It comes with a limited release theme (which means you’ll be unique), its own photo filter for Instagram posts, social media graphics, and more.  Furthermore, how many times these themes can be purchased will be limited.  It’s like getting the full branding experience!

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