Three things you can learn from witches

No casting of spells involved…unless you want to. 😉

Read on to see the three things you can learn from both modern day and past witches.

1. intent is everything

In witchcraft or casting spells in general, the intent behind the spell is vitally important.  Much like your blog or business (or business blog) the spells purpose is clear in what it’s for, who it’s for, and what is to be accomplished.  Can you answer these questions for your own venture?

  • What is my blog for?
  • Who is my blog for?
  • What do I want my blog to accomplish?

If you can’t answer those three simple questions, it’s time to hunker down and work on those answers before you go any further.  The answers to those questions are vital to branding and finding your own voice and niche in your ideal market.

Much like spells, your blog may not always work out the first time but when you have a clear intention the odds of success skyrocket.

2. not everybody is going to like you

For some of you, the idea that not everyone is going to like you is a non-issue, however, for others the idea that someone will dislike you based on one post and nothing else can be terrifying.  Putting yourself out there for both praise and criticism can be scary.

However, think of it this way – when you imagine a witch, what do you typically see?

You probably think of witches that look like this, right?  Especially around Halloween time.

The witch is usually portrayed as an evil, ugly figure, but that doesn’t stop modern day witches from identifying with the craft.  The idea that someone might take your blog or business and turn it into an “evil, ugly” figure shouldn’t stop you from practicing your craft either.  There is absolutely nothing better for your business or blog than to be 100% yourself and enjoy your self-power.  Let your freak flag fly as high as it’ll go.

3.  get back to nature

Let’s be real running a blog or business can be exhausting.  You need a mellow out space.  A space where the internet fades away and you just exist without it’s stresses weighing you down.  Witches of all stripes, whether traditional or neo-wicca or what-have-you, typically find some kind of connection and peace with nature.  However, nature isn’t required.  You may find that your mellow out space is in the kitchen cooking (like kitchen witches) or even just reading.  What’s most important is that you carve out this time and space for yourself.  Take a walk, read a book, and know that everything you’ve done online will still exist when you choose to come back.  Take the time you need to recenter and restore yourself, or as much time as you can allow yourself.  The world doesn’t end because you decided you needed to get some rest.

in conclusion:  know thyself, know thy craft, and keep going

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